“Driven more by style and attitude than by narrative, this freeform adaptation of Michelle Tea’s cult novel/memoir is always stimulating…Among the more notable segments are a magic-mushroom trip sequence partially done as claymation” – Variety

Based on Michelle Tea’s novel of the same name, Valencia is a multi-filmmaker collaborative feature film that premiered to a sold out Castro Theatre at Frameline 2013. Valencia won the Jury Award for Best Experimental Feature at the 2013 Polari Film Festival and the Jury Award for Best Narrative Feature at Chicago Reeling 2013. Goldberg directed Chapter 5 and produced the feature film with Tea.

Valencia is listed as the 48th of the 200 best lesbian, bisexual, and queer movies of all time on Autostraddle. It’s also 87th for best of the decade. And comes highly recommended!

Filmmakers in Chapter Order: Aubree Bernier-Clarke, Lares Feliciano, Clement Hil Goldberg, Sara St Martin Lynne and Michelle Lawler, Dia Felix, Silas Howard, Alexa Inkeles, Jerry Lee, Peter Anthony, Sharon Barnes, Cary Cronenwett, Courtney Trouble, Cheryl Dunye, Bug Davidson, Samuael Topiary, Olivia Parriott, Chris Vargas and Greg Youmans, Joey Soloway

Produced by Clement Hil Goldberg and Michelle Tea

This work was made possible in part by awards from The Creative Work Fund, a program of the Walter and Elise Haas Fund that also is supported by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and the San Francisco Arts Commission.

Valencia Chapter 5 – Behind The Scenes

Valencia Screenings

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